Parquet and solutions for installation professionals

We offer a wide range of high quality parquet, available in different styles and finishes, to satisfy any design requirement.

We also supply state-of-the-art machines and specialized accessories to simplify the laying process and keep the parquet in optimal condition over time.

Trust us for a complete and reliable experience as well as long-lasting quality.

Large showroom

A large showroom available to individuals and professionals in the sector.

Technical consultant

Consultancy in the choice of the best materials and on the problems of laying, sanding and painting.

Service center

We carry out quick estimates and repairs on all brands of sanders, single disc machines and vacuum cleaners.

We evaluate your used vehicle for free and take care of the sales assistance.

Sanders and Brushers

Are you looking for the latest generation machines for laying and maintaining parquet? Discover our wide range of machines designed to simplify and improve your work.

Accessories and tools

Accessories and tools for the care and maintenance of parquet. A selection of high quality products, ideal for qualified and demanding professionals.

Chemical products

High quality adhesives and chemical products for parquet care. We are exclusive distributors for Lombardy of ADESIV products.

Not just parquet!

Chemical products, prefinished parquet, laminate, skirting boards, vacuum cleaners, miter saws, abrasives, hygrometers and accessories

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